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Patio or deck? Are you looking for some tips and advice?

There are many pros and cons for both, but we at Horvath Contracting have our own opinion based on years of experience.


  • Wide variety of colours and textures. There are dozens of varieties of natural stone, interlocking pavers and stamped concrete. These materials give you more possibilities and variations that allow you to complement your house in the best possible way.

  • Easy maintenance. Whether it is natural stone or interlocking there is no seasonal maintenance involved. You may need to refill the polymeric sand in between the joints to avoid weeds once every 3-5 years, and pressure wash the stone to bring back its natural colour once every 4-5 years.

  • Lasts a long time. A well built interlocking patio easily lasts for 10-15 years, and a natural stone patio will last even longer. Imagine a 25 year old deck…

  • Weather conditions do not affect a proper built patio as much as it would affect wood.

  • More expensive. Interlocking or stone patios are a more expensive solution especially if any retaining walls or steps are involved.


  • For those who prefer the natural look of wood a deck would be their best option.

  • Always in style. Wood always keeps the same style. Interlocking gets older with years as new technology and styles show up on the market. But this role does not apply to natural stone that in 30 years will still be in style.

  • Price. A deck is a cheaper solution especially if any retaining walls or steps are involved. For any high constructions like access from second story to the ground level, wood is irreplaceable.

  • High maintenance. If you would like your deck to last for a long time there is a lot of maintenance involved. Proper care of wood requires regular maintenance at least once a year.

  • Weather conditions will affect the deck condition quite a bit. A deck that was not impregnated enough opens a way for mold and rot. You also have to be very careful walking on a deck after rain because many times it gets slippery.

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