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Landscape Design Fee

When you Pay for a design it creates commitment in us to provide you with quality and customer satisfaction.

Imagine you are designing something for free and you have ten free designs to do in one week. Your potential customers don't make time to communicate with you because they're busy (and its free anyway), and you basically are guessing what they will like. Some people will ask you to do a design when they are not really interested in what your designing just to see what you come up with. Others who are really interested in something amazing and creative will end up paying someone else to design while you are working hard to impress them. No matter what, they will put more weight to the design they paid for so you lose that customer because you didn't charge. It goes on and on like this. You are spinning your wheels and don't really have time to create something great...

If you receive a design that you did not pay for, how do you know that all your interests have been given the proper attention?

A professional:

  • will set aside time with you to make sure he/she is designing in the right direction.

  • will not take on too many clients at once.

  • will not knowingly show you a flawed design and hope you go for it anyway so that he/she wont have to spend more time redesigning for free.

  • will provide you with information about the many different options available and then help you decide what is best for you based on wants, needs, budget and other constraints.

  • will take the time to go over pricing with you to show you where you could eliminate costs if needed or where you could spend a little extra to create something really unique.

A Professional Landscape design will either save you a lot of money by reducing unneeded features or areas or creating much more value by adding in the little touches that would normally be overlooked.

Remember that time you were at the department store buying you're new dishwasher or fridge or stove. You went back and forth from one model to another until you found the one you thought was best. It was right in front of you and you opened the door, looked at the buttons and made sure it had the features you were looking for. You brought it home or had it delivered and had it installed and for the most part were happy with your purchase because you knew exactly what you were getting before paying for it.

Buying a construction project without designs is nothing like that! That is like buying a dream and hoping it comes true!

Without a proper design you will have no idea what your contractor is really thinking. You could easily end up with a dishwasher when you thought you were getting a professional style gas stove with red knobs! And you've already paid for half of that high end stove! This happens all the time....People waste a ton of money on landscapes that they do not like, don't function properly, reduce the value of their property, are dangerous or just look really bad.

You will be spending a lot of money on your landscape no matter which company does the work for you. You will only know for sure that you made the right decisions and choose the right contractor when the landscape is complete but the more you know about the project before it begins the better your chances are of being satisfied with the result.

We are the contractor! We subsidize the design so that our customers feel very confident hiring us to complete the project after the design process. By this point we will understand your needs and wants completely and be able to install a project that you understand very well, Normally these fees would be much higher $1000 - $5000 if you hired a landscape designer or landscape architect separately - that is because their income comes only from the design and possible management fees (waste because they have no real power when it comes to dealing with the contractor). Our Landscape designs range between approx. $250.00 and $900.00 and sometimes more for very extensive projects. before we start the work.

With Horvath Design Build Landscapes you'll have the information you need to move forward with confidence. You will understand how we can provide competitive pricing for a higher quality landscape. You will look at your landscape when it is done and understand how it is built and why it will last longer and age with grace, becoming more valuable and stunning every year.

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