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Garden plants...which ones to choose?

Which Garden Plants Should you Choose?

As we went through our training as landscape designers and through a combined 60 years of experience designing and planting in Toronto Area, we have found that certain plants are better than others for key elements and features of a Landscape Design.

These key elements of garden plant choice are:

  • Ease of Maintenenance - not only the maintenance of the particular plant you are choosing but the maintenance effect on the rest of the planting area. Does the plant you choose require little maintenance? Does it reduce the amount of maintenance required for the area around it?

  • What are the conditions of the plant area? Each type of plant prefers different sun, moisture, soil ph and winter wind conditions.

  • How much irrigation or watering do these garden plants require? When it comes down to it, if you are doing any planting you will need an irrigation system to provide needed moisture to those plants on a daily basis. What homeowners need to realize is that these plants are watered daily at the nursery. Until they establish roots they will need the same amount of water as they got at the nursery.

  • Can we group several of the same garden plants to create a more dramatic effect and establish a lower level of required maintenance.

  • One major thing to keep in mind are the plant hardiness zones. Most gta areas we service are in the 5b hardiness zone. If you are not in Gta you can check out the Landscape Ontario website to check your plant hardiness zone.

If you are interested in installing a few or a lot of garden plants this year you should seriously consider a Landscape Design to ensure the success of your project.

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