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Call your landscape company and discuss!

First, do your research, the best way to find a great contractor these days is through the website called It provides a place for landscaping and other contracting companies to showcase their exceptional design and workmanship with high resolution photos and engaging customer reviews.

There are other websites that are review based but do not hone in on the type of workmanship you are looking for. Not every landscaping company is specialized in the type of work you are looking for. There are many Landscape contractors that focus only on retaining walls and grass for example or just interlock paver products but have no experience with plants. does a great job of showcasing landscape companies that are design oriented. That will help you through the design process and get you to a project that will meet your budget and accomplish your goal of a beautiful, functional, easy to maintain space where you’ll be comfortable inviting and entertaining guests.

As the busy Landscaping season approaches many landscaping companies are getting inundated with calls from new potential clients who are interested in getting quotes for their landscaping projects.

From the contractors perspective each new call or online form submission is a new opportunity. But, there are still a lot of questions that must be asked.

Where is the job located?

When does the job need to be completed by?

Is the client willing to pay for a Landscape design once they find the right contractor?

Does the client understand the value of a landscape design?

Does the client have goals aligned with the landscaping company's style of work?

Ideally these questions are answered before an in person meeting occurs as it will save everybody a lot of time if the client and contractor have different goals.

So the second thing is to spend some time discussing these important questions on the phone before meeting in person.

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