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Interlock walkway

Interlock Walkway

If you’re thinking of having your interlock walkway installed, replaced or repaired, here are some things to consider:

What type of paving Material should you use? Is Natural stone a good option or is interlock better. It varies based on the work area and what is already existing.

Should your re-use you existing materials? Maybe all you have to do is repair it and add a new border and it will look great again.

Is a landscape design required? Sometimes the walkway is so simple and all existing planting and lighting looks great so a design is not required. Most of the time a Landscape Design is required so that the homeowner has an easier time visualizing the finished product. That is how you'll really know what you're getting.

Can you just hire any Contractor to do this work or is a really skilled tradesman required to get this done? Check up on your contractors BBB rating and look at their previous jobs on their website or in person to get a feel for the type of work they do.

An Interlock Walkway can be a simple project taking a day or it can be a way to transform your property. Either way Horvath Design Build has worked on over a thousand walkways over the years so give us a call if you are located in Toronto, Aurora, Richmond Hill, Thornhill, Unionville or surrounding area.


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