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This Aurora driveway was in bad shape when we got there. There were weeds growing in between the pavers and ruts had been created by the weight of the car. Our customer asked us to make the driveway solid again but also to reuse the interlock while giving it a refreshed look. We added in a couple of Unilock borders Courtstone as an inner border and Richcliff as an outer border. This driveway is now super solid and looks great without the need for sealing every couple of years.



These Thornhill Front Steps and landing were in pretty bad shape when we got there. They were moving as you walked on them and did not feel safe at all. The customer asked for a quick repair to ensure the safety of their guests. We explained that since we were already there it would not be much more to repair the rest of the wall and the interlock within. A few hours of hard work later, they have front steps they can be proud of. This is the type of work we do a lot of in Aurora, Richmond Hill, Oak Ridges, Thornhill, Toronto and all over GTA.




Originally, this driveway was laid in long lines from the road to the garage which, while being easier to lay, was not the aesthetic choice and did not use the interlocking function of these bricks well. The 6X6 wood borders were getting a little tired and created difficulty for snow removal. There was also a problem with drainage in which any rainfall would cause pooling of water on the driveway. We addressed the pooling of water in two ways. First we established positive drainage towards the middle east side and installed a surface drain there in the grass. Second, we installed a drain at the garage to ensure that during a torrential downpour water would be kept away from the house. The dark red clay pavers were installed to match the existing front entrance and to replace the timber borders. The clients were very happy with our work and had us back the next year to help with drainage at the side of the house. While your pavers may not be this old, if you are in Toronto, Vaughan, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Unionville or anywhere in the GTA we would be happy to meet you for a free consultation.




This Interlocking paver driveway is one of the oldest of this style in Toronto. These pavers are no less than 35 years old and you can tell. While working with them we had to deal with different thicknesses, different shapes when they were supposed to be the same, and an interlocking system that did not fit together well. 




This Toronto property really needed our help. The driveway was full of weeds and ruts, the natural stone retaining walls were falling apart, the front walkway and steps were dangerous and unkempt and water was getting into the garage because the drain was built very poorly. We began by waterproofing the front steps and excavating a new drain at the garage, we formed and poured concrete for the drain and ordered a galvanized grate to be custom fabricated. We reinstalled the natural stone walls on either side of the driveway and then began to work on the interlock. As the interlock was finished we began to work on the flagstone veneer of the front steps and then we cut and fabricated the existing railings to work with the new dimensions. This was a big job for such a small area. It is a good example of our landscape repair and restoration capabilities. We are also capable of helping you with your landscape restoration if you are in Toronto, Vaughan, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Oak Ridges or Aurora. This project was done in late 2012. 




The owners wanted to reuse as much as possible of the existing pavers while giving the patio a refreshed look. We removed the pavers or interlock and set them aside, rebuilt the 6x6 pressure treated steps, graded the patio area with sand and relaid the interlock or pavers. After all that, we pressure washed everything and applied polymeric sand so that weeds would not grow back. The only way to keeps weeds at bay in this type of situation is to remove all interlock and relay the pavers, pressure washing alone would not keep the weeds from coming back.

Here is a simple walkway paver repair. We were not asked to work with the wall material, only to make the walkway pavers or interlock safe to walk on. The paver here are called  4”x8” standard. We removed and relaid the pavers on a new sand bedding. Sometimes we might have used limestone screenings for the bedding but in this case sand was more appropriate. 


This was a project in Aurora where we were tasked to lift and relay the whole driveway, steps and back patio. Here we are preparing a step and coping to be glued. It is important that these old steps and coping be very clean and free of dirt and debris before reinstalling the retaining wall or step in this case. Whether you are in Richmond Hill, Thornhill, North York, Vaughan Unionville or Markham we can help with these types of repairs. The good news is if we repair it you won’t have to worry about any more. 




Before we got there these Richmond Hill steps were falling apart. Partly because of a lack of base material but also because they had used the wrong base material. As you can see here, we have replaced the base within the steps with HPB which is one of our best options for this type of situation. Unfortunately, we do not have finished pictures of this project, we just wanted you to know about HPB and that there are different base options for different situations. Next time were passing by well get some pictures of these back steps in Richmond Hill. If you have steps like these anywhere in GTA we are able to fix them. Anyone in Aurora, Richmond Hill, Thornhill, Vaughan, Markham don’t hesitate to call. Interlock, Step and Retaining Wall Repair is one of our Specialties! 




Our long time customer from Unionville had recently purchased a beautiful piece of farm land in Stouffville. The trees, shrubs and perennials on this property while abundant and mature had become disheveled over the last couple of years. There were some areas that had been taken over by weeds. They called us in, we worked diligently by the hour to clean up the property. In two days we were done and the place looked a lot better. This interlock paver pathway is a good example of the difference we make in a couple of hours. Call us to book some property clean up and restoration!

This Toronto home had been through the process of waterproofing. The side walkway area was no exception and needed to be basically redone. We used interlock pavers from the back patio to create this walkway while installing new flagstone for the rest of the property. The cost of reusing the interlock from the back was less than new material and no one would see the side of the house anyway. We made sure to grade the water away from the house so our Toronto clients would not have to worry about water anymore! 

At this Toronto home we are repairing flagstone that was originally installed over 100 years ago. The original workmanship cannot be blamed for the cracking or pooling of water that had occurred in recent years. Really, concrete mixtures are not expected to last over a century so this one is a case of extended wear and tear. What was interesting about this front entrance was that it had lasted so long without a concrete base. We had to pick up the whole thing anyway so a concrete base was a good way to help this last even longer than the first time. Also, the concrete base was another way to protect the 100 year old foundation from water penetration. Notice in the pictures we are using Acrylic Resin Bond and a thick layer of mortar. This will help to create a better longer lasting bond between the stone and concrete. If you are in Aurora, Richmond Hill, Thornhill, Vaughan, Unionville or Markham we may use these products or others on your property. There are now very good pre-mixed mortars that we can use on your flagstone project. Also, if you like we can seal the whole thing with penetrating sealer which will keep the water out and help slow freeze thaw damage.


This flagstone or natural stone work was part of a larger project in Aurora, but what a difference this made. The tough part of this repair is removing and cleaning out the joints properly so that the new mortar sticks very well. In this case we used a pressure washer. Some of the stones had delaminated from the mortar bed so they had to be removed and replaced with new mortar. The front entrance is where friends and neighbours walk to get to the house. Now that this front walkway looks great and in good repair people will feel that the whole house is well taken care of.


As complex as it seems, this driveway in Aurora was completely picked up and relaid. In the past we have installed many circle driveways and understand the patterns and how to make them look best. We understand the need to take care when removing the interlock pavers so as to be able to find the right stones later on. If you have a driveway like this in Thornhill, Aurora, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Toronto or anywhere in GTA give us a call. We are interlock driveway walkway, patio repair and restoration specialists.

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