There are many different types of paving materials on the market that you can choose from when building your patio or walkway. You can choose from interlocking, stamped concrete, brick and much more. Interlocking paver manufacturers offer dozens of shapes, colors and textures. Many of those new designs resembles the look of natural stone – flagstone.

Why are concrete products trying to look like natural stone?

When living in a big city, surrounded by subdivisions, streets and cars, people try to create a natural oasis in their backyards which will draw them away from this chaos. Your garden is a place where you find peace and rest. When looking for natural textures for your project, why would you use concrete products faking natural stone when you can go with flagstone? Flagstone will bring a natural feel to your backyard and the exotic flavor of its origin like Africa, India or China.

If a natural feel isn’t enough of a reason for you, there is more!