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Patio Stones

Patio Stones installed on a back patio or around a pool are a great option for a quality long lasting solution. Polyeric sand in between the joints of the pavers to ensure weeds are not an issue. Over time, some small touch ups may be required to maintain the look but patio stones actually require the least maintenance of the available options.

Patio Stones are one of the best ways to create walkways and patios in the Canadian Climate. There is no way to absolutely eliminate freeze thaw movement in Canada so our best options are ones that can be repaired easily and quickly. Stamped concrete is not as good as Patio Stones in Places like Aurora, Richmond Hill, Thornhill, Unionville, North York and Toronto because the freeze thaw cycles in the winter can cause Stamped Concrete to Crack. Once cracked it can never be repaired to look the way it did. Patio Stones outlast and are an affordable solution that look great in almost any setting.

Patio Stones By Permacon are a great, long lasting solution to your back patio needs. they come with a 50 year manufacturers warranty. There are such a wide variety of types and manufactures of Patio Stones to look at. There are also natural stone options that cost a little more that are great for back patios and walkways.

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