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Patio Pavers

Patio Pavers by Oaks Concrete Products around a vinyl pool. Quality Material for those 7000 square foot jobs.

Patio Pavers is a term that covers a wide variety of different natural and man made materials available to cover patio and walkway areas. There are natural flagstone patio pavers, bush-hammered natural flagstone patios pavers, sand-blasted natural flagstone patio pavers, man made wet-cast concrete patio pavers, man made dry cast interlocking patio pavers and many more. How do you know which is your best option. The truth is that the type of patio pavers you choose will most likely be decided by site conditions, the contractor you hire (may only have experience with a few types or may only want to install certain types) and what you like. Since 1976, Horvath Design Build has had experience with almost all types of Patio Pavers and we will help guide you to choose the best solution for your needs.

Patio Pavers Brought to us from India where they mine and process the absolute most durable patio and walkway stone. It doesn't flake or chip easily and you can throw as much salt as you want on it in the winter without causing pitting or any damage at all. Thanks India!

Patio Pavers Like these have a Modern and slightly rustic look that are perfect for the GTA Climate and Landscape Design Style.

Patio Pavers Slate Grey from India are some of the most popular materials being used. They are durable, functional, safe and easy to repair.

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