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Interlock cost

Interlock Cost

If you are interested in knowing the approxiamate cost of your potential interlock project you have come to the right place. Let’s go over the factors involved in determining the approx interlock cost in your landscape.

  1. What is existing where you are planning on installing new interlock?

  2. How far is the area from the road and can large machinery access that area?

  3. What type of base material should be used in your area or more specifically where you are installing?

  4. What type of interlock pavers are you using?

  5. What thickness of interlock paver are you using?

  6. Are you planning on using specialized sand in between the pavers?

  7. Is there a lot of fill removal required before installing the base?

  8. What is the size of the area to be paved?

Once you boil all that down you will probably come up with a range in the area of:

$10.00 per square foot for a lower cost paver in a very large easy to access area with minimum preparation.

$15.00 per square ft for a good medium range paver in the backyard with large machine access and some excavation.

$18.00 per square foot for a higher end interlock paver in a backyard with machine access.

$22.00 per square foot for a small area in the backyard with gate access and little excavation.

These are the approximate prices you would get from any contractor that knows what they are doing in the Toronto and GTA Area.

The best way to figure out the actual cost of your project is to get a landscape design done even if it is for a simple project and then have a few companies that you trust quote the job. The design can easily save you thousands of dollars in improved aesthetics and materials. With a design you will get the whole picture and not just a driveway or patio. I would say the biggest mistake some homeowners make while trying to figure out the interlock cost is not getting a design. With a design you’ll be getting quotes for apples to apples.

Call us now for your Interlock Cost and quick Landscape Design.

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